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Arizona Home Renovation or Home Addition Floor Plans

Building Plans for Remodels, Renovations, and Home Additions

Floor Plans for Home Remodels or Renovations

Government officials may require that you show on a set of plans the renovations you plan to make. Simple remodels may not need a set of building plans to get a permit. Larger renovations where you are moving or removing a wall can have a great effect on the structural integrity of the home and most likely will require a set of building plans to get a building permit.

Home Addition Floor Plans

You will need to check with your local building department to see if adding on is even an option. Azcad Design will check with your local government to see if you can add on and we will also help with ideas. Adding on to your existing home will require a set of floor plans to get a building permit. Home additions are a great way to create a way to stay in your existing home and area. Adding on to your home can bring great value to your home. Adding on, for some of you, is more for the comfort then the resale value. It would be ideal to have the comfort and resale value in your home addition choice.

Home Addition Ideas

enclose a patio. You can build the new garage or patio at the same time or wait for a later date when it is affordable. These additions have been a popular option in a down economy when family members are merging together to save money.

Other popular home additions include:

  • Bathroom Additions
  • Closet Additions
  • Kitchen Additions
  • Getting a Home Addition Contractor

First you will want a set of floor plans to get accurate pricing. Some contractors will insist you have a set of plans before they will give you a cost to build. Other contractors will give a ball park price. There is more then price to look at when shopping for a contractor. You do not want to lose a quality contractor do to an inaccurate ball park price.

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