Arizona Custom Designed House Plans

Custom or Pre-Drawn House and Garage Plans

We Provide House and Garage Plans

AzCad Design is based in Arizona, but our designs have been built in many other states as well. We have provided Architectural house design services to some of the major home builders in Arizona. With AZ Cad Design, contractors and owner-builders can have the professional construction plans they need for permit submittal. Choose one of our pre-drawn modern house plans and modify it or have us design and draft a custom house plan for you. You will not get an accurate price to build until you have a set of building plans for contractors or sub-contractors to look at.

Choose a Pre-Drawn House Plan

Save money! Choose a residential floor plan you like from our great selection of house or garage plans. These plans have all been approved and built previously. We know from experience that you will not find a floor plan or elevation that is exactly how you want it. We can modify an existing house plan or garage plan to what you desire. Small home design modifications such as windows, doors, interior walls, and exterior finish are a cheap way to get what you want. Some major modifications to a pre-drawn house plan can still be cheaper then a full out custom home design. Contact us for modification prices.

Have a Custom Home Designed

So you have gone to one web site after another looking at floor plans and still have not found that one floor plan that you can call your dream home. Then there are some of you who just want the plan designed by some one local for personal security. We understand! It is a big decision, and we know it! We love to design custom homes! It is exciting to see what was once just a dream home come to life. Contact us for custom home design pricing.

Custom Home Addition or Remodel

In this economy kids are moving back in with parents or parents are moving in with kids to save money. Either way, you will want to expand your home. You will need home Addition Plans or Home Remodel Plans to get a building permit. Some of the popular ways to expand your home is to make the garage or patio livable. Some clients have enclosed there garage and purchased a detached garage plan to build. We can help with ideas and building design.

Architect or Engineer Stamp Requirements

Arizona does not require an architect stamp on residential house plans. Most states do not require a local Architect stamp on residential plans. See our list of states and Architectural stamp requirements page. An Engineer stamp may be required depending on the design of the house plan and the state. Contact us and we can help see if you need an Architect or Engineer stamp on your residential house plans.